Selling Through Serving | Episode #40

Have you had some success in your social selling business, but you’ve realized that you can’t sustain the hustle for yourself or your team? What about coming to the industry with entrepreneurial success, and you tried to do things the way your social selling company (or so-called ‘guru’s’ were teaching) and with no traction? 

Kristen’s interviewing two members of The Social Selling Academy with those exact circumstances and asking them what they learned (spoiler alert: it’s not a secret strategy) that had them shifting into lightning fast (and sustainable) growth. 

Hethir Rodriguez came to the social selling world with several successful businesses under her belt. Utilizing what she was taught to do left her confused at her lack of results and looking for a better way.

Lizzy Palios has been a business builder with her social selling company for the past four years by working her warm market, but was searching for a better quality of life and less hustle while tapping into a cold market.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • What Hethir saw in the social selling industry that she DID NOT want to do in her business
  • Why finding joy in the process vs. the results is important to Hethir
  • Why friends and family are not your ideal target market if you want to create long-term, residual income
  • Why it’s so important to learn to attract and convert a cold audience
  • The biggest nugget Hethir learned and what she’s utilized every day since joining The Social Selling Academy
  • How Lizzy’s leadership shifted once she joined and studied the material
  • Lizzy’s eye-popping Instagram growth after implementing a change in her social media strategy
  • How slowing down and modeling ‘anti-hustle’ changed Lizzy and her team
  • Why Kristen is so passionate about talking about and making money
  • How learning to develop a team who works in their part-time hours is so important right now

Kristen knows the strategies that create results, but the difference between people who succeed and people who don’t is the mindset they’re in when they take that action. Listen to these two implementers and learn exactly how they had such rapid success.

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