does this sound like you

Does this sound like you?

love notes from clients

Are you frustrated with your business because you know it’s NOT living up to the massive income potential it could be?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with how to turn your business into a six figure or multi six figure business you know in your gut is possible?

With my proven strategies and coaching, I help you get out of the endless hamster wheel of burnout and hustle.

I help you create a social media platform that truly aligns with your purpose and gifts AND I help you get RESULTS.  


I help in two ways.

The Social Selling Academy

If you are wanting to learn the foundational principles of growing your network, amplifying your personal brand, and marketing to your audience, this is exactly where you need to be.

I give you the simple process that is proven to bring your ideal customers and team members TO you without you having to chasing them in your messenger or DM’s. 

In this program you learn how to grow, nurture, and sell to an online audience in a way that feels authentic to YOU. You learn copywriting, organic marketing, and get powerful mindset coaching to keep you committed to the long game of building an online business.

This is a “no-hustle” zone. In the program you learn how to pace yourself and create a process for long term results and success without the burnout and hustle.

Whether you are day 1 or day 100 in the business- this is the exact tools you need to revamp your social media platform. 


why this is different

why my approach is differnt

This program gives you the foundational work to give you the confidence and tools to take action and get results for your business. In the program you will learn to position yourself as the expert, and how to attract ideal clients or team members that you dream of having, without having to convice people to join you or look at your products. 

Most teachers and instructors will be more of a “teacher” in their training platform- in this program you get the experience of transformational LIVE COACHING. Coaching is what helps you see the thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that have been getting in the way of your results. 

This is truly the next level for social sales + marketing mastery.  This is next level for your THOUGHTS. I will teach you how your thoughts CREATE your results. When you understand this and master this- anything is possible.


When you finally hit six figures, it’s all about creating the business that will take you to multi six figures and even 7 figures. Without having the systems, support, and structure in place- you will suffer from attrition, frustration, and feeling “stuck.” 

This is about becoming the CEO in your business instead operating like an employee. In this VIP coaching, I help you leverage your time, develop your leadership, and identify the necessary essentials in your business so that you can continue to scale and grow to the next six figures without burnout and overwhelm.

I teach you the 5 essentials that will create the time freedom and leave you with MORE energy to do the things you LOVE doing.

VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching

I have helped 6 and 7 figure earners like you stabilize and grow their existing businesses.  I help you can grow and elevate your brand to attract your next generation of high caliber leads. In this coaching you will identify your highest wealth creating activities so that you can identify the essential activities of your leadership. We perfect and evaluate your systems, onboarding, leadership, team vision, and tackle the unique mindset and thoughts that come with leading a huge team and large income.

I give lots of hands-on attention in this intensive and personalized coaching experience. You get personal guidance from me.  Scaling beyond six figures requires intensive and personalized support and that is exactly what you get in this 1:1 coaching signature package.

love notes from clients

love notes from clients

Rachael Rodgers | Social Selling Marketer + Coach

To say I was extremely hesitant to invest in a Coach is a massive understatement. I knew I was at a place in my life and business where I could not get where I was called to be without investing in a coach so I took the leap of faith, hired Kristen, and I’m SO GLAD that I did! In 6 weeks, I made back almost triple my initial investment. Kristen has helped me streamline strategies and overcome limiting mindsets that have set me free in areas I didn’t even know I was bound in. I would recommend her coaching programs to anyone and everyone I know. She’s the real deal and worthy EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

Kelsey Chapman | Coach + Podcaster

Kristen is incredibly gifted at listening with empathy and then pinpointing the habits and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your fullest potential. I have been in this space for years and worked with countless coaches, but this was one of my most powerful sessions yet. If you are looking to uplevel and need support when it comes to sales – Kristen is the girl for the job!

working together is right FOR YOU IF

working together is the right for you if


You are looking to learn the tools and strategies it takes to make $100K as an online business owner


You are looking to scale and grow your existing $100K business


You want a strong personal brand to stand apart in the marketplace


You wish to have a business that feels more aligned with your purpose and values


You wish to master marketing and sales in today’s social media landscape


There is teaching. There is mentorship. And then there is COACHING.

As a coach, I bring some of the leading edge style of coaching to the world of network marketing. This isn’t about giving you a fire-hose of strategy and overwhelming you with information every week. This also isn’t about giving you some fluffy affirmations to stick on your mirror- I show you how to identify the exact thoughts, habits, and patterns that are standing in the way of getting exactly what you want in life. 

I use brain science and advanced coaching techniques to help you get results faster and elevate your entire business and way of life. 

Not only do my clients report growth in their business and paycheck- they experience stronger marriages, better self care, and a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose.

This is the power of bringing powerful COACHING to the world of social selling and network marketing. Selling shouldn’t be hard or gross- in fact, it can be the most purposeful, joyful thing you do. I’ll show you how. 


Ditch the Hustle.

Master Your Mind.
Build a Business You Love.

You don’t have to struggle in your business. You don’t have to stay stuck. Let me propel you into massive momentum with game-changing strategy, accountability, and the tough love you need. 

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