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Listen, if you are like 90% of my students and clients- you are TIRED of feeling inauthentic in your business. You have been looking for a better way find new leads and grow your team.

Messaging everyone you know with a copy and paste message from your up-line isn’t going to create the income and financial freedom like you want. In fact, it will feel like the opposite.  You may have been researching and looking for a different way of doing things- but that’s only further added to your confusion leaving you overwhelmed, stuck, and paralyzed.


It’s just that you haven’t been taught how to do effective organic marketing that attracts people to YOU. You’ve been taught to market to the masses- and I’m going to tell you a secret- that doesn’t work! You cannot apply ancient corporate America marketing strategies to an organic, relational platform.

After building a seven figure business online and getting trained by some of the top experts in the industry- I teach the exact organic marketing and selling strategies and the MINDSET that is required to achieve the results you want. My clients get results while feeling deeply aligned and more purposeful than ever.

Without feeling gross, spammy, or inauthentic.

No more confusion. No more overwhelm. No more spinning your wheels wondering what your next steps are. It’s simple. And I’ll show you how inside THE SOCIAL SELLING ACADEMY.

how coaching works

Through my unique training and coaching method, I help you master the art of organic marketing, build a strong personal brand and then master the mindset required to  building a sustainable and profitable business that helps you feel confident and secure.  Because let’s be honest, the methods and strategies you’ve been taught no longer work in today’s social media landscape. I give you the exact systems, processes, tools, and coaching to get you to a sustainable business without the hustle and burnout that leaves you exhausted and depleted at the end of the month.

I’m Kristen Boss

As a business and mindset coach, I help women level up in their personal and business life by giving them the creative strategies and tools they need, so they can have a thriving business that they truly enjoy showing up for. I use a combination of powerful mindset coaching and up-to-date organic marketing strategies unstuck and start taking massive action which leads to RESULTS.

I link arms with you to help you realize and exceed your goals by using my proven process, that will set you apart in the marketplace, easily attract customers you love, and build the soulful purpose-filled business of your dreams.

The Purposeful + PRofitable Six Figure Earner

If you are eager to bring new life to your existing six figure business and want to expand your brand, grow your influence, and grow your income-it’s time for us to chat. I help you develop the confidence and mindset of an impactful and influential leader. If you are ready to get your head out of the weeds of your business and build the multi-six figure business you KNOW you are capable of, it’s time to work with a coach. You don’t have to hustle your way to the top- I”ll show you how. This is to apply for early waitlist for the six figure earner mastermind.

love notes from clients

love notes from clients

Rachael Rogers | Top Earning Network Marketer + Coach

To say I was extremely hesitant to invest in a Coach is a massive understatement. I knew I was at a place in my life and business where I could not get where I was called to be without investing in a coach so I took the leap of faith, hired Kristen, and I’m SO GLAD that I did! In 6 weeks, I made back almost triple my initial investment. Kristen has helped me streamline strategies and overcome limiting mindsets that have set me free in areas I didn’t even know I was bound in. I would recommend her coaching programs to anyone and everyone I know. She’s the real deal and worthy EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

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