Hi, I’m Kristen

I teach powerful and current social selling strategies to the modern network marketer so they can show up with more purpose, authenticity, and service in the marketplace.

the hustle stops here

The Hustle Stops Here

Modern and impactful social selling strategies for today’s network marketer who desire to do online marketing in a way that feels authentic, purposeful, and meaningful. I teach social sellers how to operate from purpose and grow their influence so they can build a thriving social selling business without the hustle and outdated methods they have been taught. This is the new way for network marketing and social selling. 

The Why Behind What I Do

I have been working with people in the the product and service industry for more than 15 years. Having worked in Hollywood and owning several start up businesses, I fell in love with marketing and sales in the online world. I have a deep love for human behavior and psychology especially as it relates to sales and marketing. Marketing is where my deepest passions meet: Creative Problem Solving and Human Behavior. 

After being taught by some of the top coaches and experts in marketing and sales, I decided to bring the best sales and marketing strategies to today’s network marketer.  I desire for EVERY social seller to show up in the online space from a place of confidence, service, and authenticity and make an impact from their social media platform. 

The Purposeful Platform Society 

This is a powerful program currently in development for social sellers, no matter WHAT season you are at in your business. Be sure you are on the email list to be first to know of when this new program launches!


Stay tuned…

love notes from clients

love notes from clients

Jessica Erredia | Podcaster and Empowerment Coach

If it were not for Kristen Boss, I would not have gone from literally $0 to $4000 in new sales in just two short months! Nor would I have gained the confidence and clear strategy vision for 2020. Working with a sales coach as savvy as Kristen has changed my life and given me a renewed hope for my future! Y’all working with a coach is GOLD, especially when the coach is truly skilled at breathing life back into business!

Kelsey Chapman | Coach & Podcaster

Kristen is incredibly gifted at listening with empathy and then pinpointing the habits and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your fullest potential. I have been in this space for years and worked with countless coaches, but this was one of my most powerful sessions yet. If you are looking to uplevel and need support when it comes to sales – Kristen is the girl for the job!

Discover Your Purpose.
Build a Business You Love.

You don’t have to struggle in your business. You don’t have to stay stuck. Let me propel you into massive momentum with game-changing strategy, accountability, and the tough love you need. In this call, you will learn exactly what’s holding you back in your business. Together we discuss the necessary action steps to get to there.

latest on the blog

Latest on the blog

Hustle vs. Hard Work | Ep. 12

Hustle vs. Hard Work | Ep. 12

The goal today is for you to understand and notice what the difference is between hard work and hustle. Because some people hear me say: ‘we don’t hustle here’ and they think that also means not to work hard. That’s not what I’m saying. You simply can’t reach your goals from this passive place of ‘not hustling.’

My mission is that I want the social selling industry to be something that people think highly of and to be a place of integrity. But that means we have to start approaching it differently. We have to learn to be social, be meaningful, add value, and serve people.

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Money Thoughts | Ep. 11

Money Thoughts | Ep. 11

Today I’m breaking down how our money beliefs and money story is affecting our business growth and why it’s so important to have a healthy money mindset. I’m not just talking about the thoughts you have when you’re in lack of money–but also the thoughts that hold us back when we HAVE money!

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